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Viljandi Massaaž
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If your body needs care, then come enjoy a relaxing massage!
Classic massage can give a kick-start to your healing powers:
Massage reduces muscle- and joint pain, accelerates recovery from draumas and
supports the immune system, improves blood and lymph circulation and metabolism.
Often it creates a better night's sleep, triggers a feeling of wellbeing and reduces stress.

Come to the massage even on holidays!



Tallinna str 32

M-S +372 52 10 313

Cash only
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Hedvig Pirn
International Massage Academy


Price list

Description Service Price

Classic massage (back, neck, head, hands) 1 h 25 €
Classic massage (All body) 1 h 30 min 35 €

Back stretch 13 €
Kinesiology taping
Gift card Selected number of times a massage

Cash only

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